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We remove and haul away many unwanted items. We cater to all size jobs from removing and disposing of single bulk items to entire estate demolitions and business clean up. Our process is simple and convenient and starts with a free quote. We include upfront pricing to make you feel confident in relying on our service for all of your junk removal needs. After our work is complete, we leave no trace behind so that you don’t skip a beat in your daily routine or special project that you may be working on. Our professional service includes a 90-minute window of when we will arrive at your residence or business in order to minimize chances of any unforeseen circumstances or potential hassle. Please note that some jobs may require more than 90 minutes to complete and you only pay for space on the truck. There is no extra charge for labor if the pickup takes longer to complete. Our trucks and crew are easily identifiable to help you feel secure and confident about our services.

Some of the items that we pick up include:

Oversized Electronics
Outdated Kitchen Appliances
Damaged Furniture
Leaking Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools
Worn-out Carpet
Yard Waste
Surplus Office Equipment
Construction Debris

No job is too small or too big for Junk Genie! Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you need any assistance in removing your unwanted household or business items. You will be pleasantly surprised with our quality service complete with our environmentally-friendly practices. Let us recycle or donate your junk to decrease the landfill waste when possible or to help another person who may still benefit from your unwanted items.

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About Junk Genie

Make a wish - Make the call - Let the genie remove it all! Junk Genie is your fully insured garbage disposal service serving the city of Chicago & the Chicagoland suburbs. The Junk Genie removes trash, garbage & waste from residential and commercial sites at affordable rates.